About us

For over 60 years, the Hotel Bahia with the affiliated diving school Poseidon located in the picturesque bay of Cala Santandria, less than 5 kilometers from the former capital Ciutadella away.The hotel is under Swiss management. The diving school since 2019 under new German-Austrian leadership.

And that's us:

Andreas Renezeder: Management, PADI Instructor und Captain
Bianca Termer: Management, PADI Instructor und IDDA Instructor
Dieter Payonk: CMAS Course Director TL****, Captain

Nathi: Base Dog and Heartbreaker

We, that is:

Diving Menorca

Andreas Renezeder

Andreas has been diving the oceans since 2003 before moving to Menorca for the first time in 2018.

Come to stay is now the motto. With Austrian serenity, he is your husband for education and training.

Diving Menorca

Bianca Termer

Bianca went in 1996 for the first time in the underwater world.

After a long break she climbed back into the water in 2013 and discovered her affection for the rather small creatures.

"Checking snails" is here so woman thing.

Dieter Payonk

The one and only. The Legend!
Dieter has around 10,000 dives and around 30 years of island experience. Therefore, he is your contact person for Menorca. And of course, even if you just want to hear just one of his famous, infamous stories...


Nathi is our still young and playful Rhodesian Ridgeback lady. In addition to eating, sleeping and discovering the world, caresses are very important to her.