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You have to fill out a medical questionnaire to dive in Menorca.
You can find it HERE or on site.
If you answer the questions contained therein with "YES", a medical certificate is mandatory. This must not be older than 2 years.
If necessary, we will help you on site.

In addition, diving insurance, which also includes treatment in the pressure chamber, is mandatory. This is already included in diving courses.
Here, too, we are happy to help you on site.

In addition, each diver must carry a buoy and line cutter or knife.
Of course we also have these for hire.

Our boat can accommodate 10 divers. Please let us know your travel dates so that 
we can plan accordingly. 

Discover Scuba Diving (PADI)

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You always wanted to try diving? See what it's like to move underwater weightlessly? Then you are right with us!

Within 2 hours we bring you closer to this fascinating sport. All you have to bring is good mood and bathing suit. Previous knowledge is not required.
Minimum age: 10 years

After a little theory, we will equip you with all the diving equipment. Then it goes into the water. In the protected bay of Santandria we will carry out a few simple exercises and then start with your first dive with a maximum depth of 5 meters. We'll show you with a lot of fun and commitment what's possible underwater.

Do you want more but don't have time for a course? Then just come along for another try dive. This takes place from the boat and goes a little deeper.

Course of a beginner course (OWD)

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A beginner course (PADI Open Water Diver) lasts between 3-5 days. This depends on your time, whether you already have previous experience and how well the exercises work. 

Ultimately, everything should run without stress and have fun!

The minimum age for participation in the OWD is 10 years.

In Menorca, a recent diving health examination is mandatory. The medical certificate must not be older than 2 years. The suitability test can be carried out by your family doctor. If necessary, we are of course also directly on site help us.

Our group size is maximum 4 people per instructor to ensure a stress-free and successful diving course.

Day 1:

First, the necessary paperwork is to be done. Once we have that behind us, theory is first on the timetable. But then follows the first water contact. We start with you from land in the sheltered bay of Cala Santandria, so that you can get used to the underwater world step by step.

Day 2:
Even today there is a lot of theory, but also the next dive. Of course, this takes place again in our sheltered bay.

Day 3:
Now it gets serious: It goes for you for the first time with full equipment on the boat! We drive with you to a flat and well manageable dive site. Here you will put into practice all the skills learned in the bay.

Day 4: 
Again we take the boat to a nearby bay, where more OWD exercises are on the program. However, the difference to Day 3 is that at the end of the day you will be certified divers, PADI Open Water Diver! :)

The dive sites

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The approximately 30 dive sites are distributed around the island, so that can be dived in almost any weather conditions. Here are a few highlights:

Pont de´n Gil
Probably the most attractive underwater cave in the Balearic Islands! The entrance to the cave is about 10 meters below sea level and is therefore only accessible to divers. Inside, it can easily emerge to admire the countless meter-high stalactites and stalagmites. On the way there one passes an archway where snail fans get their money's worth.

Punta Quintana
Punta Quintana is one of our divers' favorite spots. It consists of several tunnels, archways and canyons as well as a small cave in which slipper lobsters can be found again and again. It is almost impossible to take in everything optically in just one dive and is therefore always worth a dive.

El Puerto
Another "playground" on our doorstep. One-way you go through an arcade arch beautifully covered with crustacean anemones. After several overhangs and passages you finally come to a two-storey "cave". Here, diving out becomes a visual highlight! 

La Plataforma
At a depth of around 35 - 40 meters there is an old working platform that was used in the harbor and sunk into a huge area of ​​sand after use. Due to the crystal clear water, it can usually be seen from above after just a few meters. It is approximately 3 meters high and has a side length of approximately 25 x 25 meters. Large raccoons, moray eels and conger eels can often be seen here and schooling fish also like to make their home here.

Cap de Banos
At about 4 meters depth there is an entrance to a closed canyon. This leads across the rock to the sea side. Once there, there are a variety of different schooling fish and pipefish can also be found there regularly. The area around the anchorage is characterized by a rugged underwater landscape that extends between 10 - 26 meters.

Our boat

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The "Dugui Sort" (Catalan for "happy return") is a boat of the type "Llaut". This traditional boat type was formerly built mainly as a fishing boat, but now more and more produced as a leisure boat. Since 2003, the Dugui Sort for the diving school Poseidon in operation. Regularly maintained, the massive oak with GRP coating defies wind and weather. Its length is about 10 meters. Its width is about 4 meters with a draft of about 1 meter and is powered by a powerful Volvo Penta marine diesel.

Tauchen Diving SSI PADI Menorca
Tauchen Diving SSI PADI Menorca
Tauchen Diving SSI PADI Menorca