No long distances, best within walking ... no problem!
Here is a small selection of hotels that are really right in our neighborhood. 
Should you be several people and you are interested in an apartment, you can ask them directly at the Hotel Bahia.

Hotel Bahia

Home game! The Hotel Bahia is directly above us. Just go down the stairs and off you go diving. 

Poseidon Menorca

Prinsotel La Caleta

Located directly in the beautiful neighboring bay, you will find the Prinsotel. No 3 minutes walk separate you from wonderful dives with us!

Poseidon Menorca

2U Playa Santandria

Within sight and therefore less than 2 minutes away is the 2U Playa Santandria. Once directly on the beach around the corner and we welcome you to a new diving day!

Poseidon Menorca

New! Gran Sagitario and Petit Sagitario

Opening in 2021. Both 4-star hotels are right next to each other and are less than 3 minutes away from us. The Sagitario Hotels look forward to your visit!

Our recommendation

Here is our recommendation for anyone who wants to stay in Ciutadella and the surrounding area. The Sagitario Hotels offer something for every budget. 
Whether you want to spend your holidays directly in the city or just outside your holiday. From apartments to the 2-star hostel to the 4-star hotel, everything is there.